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Marlene ( December 15, 2004
Dolan, John (b. Jly 25, 1851 Springfield, Ill d.1930 Billings, Montana) Lived In Green Isle 1895 -? Catholic married Bridget Kelly b 1856 Castlebar Ireland d. unk Looking for information about Bridge Kelly Dolan
Steven Ladd --- --- december 2,2004
looking for information on henry and amanda johns. they lived in grafton township from about 1912 to 1916. are listed as farmers. they had three children born in grafton twsp. i am also looking for mottler cemetery in sibley county. dortha johns, a child of henry and amanda, was buried there.any help is appreciated. thank you. bonnie johns ladd
sharon burnside ( November 27, 2004
Looking for any information ON Brockhoff/Bullert/Schauer Thank You, Sharon
Joyce Wood ( 20 November 2004
Looking for info. on...... Patricia J. NIPPOLT. Born 16 Feb 1921. She married Laruel A. Nyberg and they made their home in Lamberton, MN. I'd like to have the names of her parents, siblings and possibly the names of her grandparents and any other information that is available. Thank you for your time and effort. Joyce Wood
Cindy Hartman ( June 29, 2004
Looking for information on WILLIAM BATHEN in the Henderson, Norwood & Gaylord area from about 1883 to 1903. He would have been about 16+ years of age in 1883. Also looking for information on NATHANIEL SEGAR(S), SEGER(S) family with children Susan, John, Bradley, Clement, Nathaniel, Dumont & Belinda. William Bathen married Alvina Belinda Segers daughter of Dumont. Thank you. Cindy Hartman
Cathy Lombard ( 15 Apr 04
Does anyone how to contact the sextone for the GASOW Cemetery? Thank you.
Suzannne Noffke ( 11 APR 04
My mother was a Kemps from Uden in Noord Brabant, The Netherlands. I am researching this family and trying to find information on the cousin(s) who started the Kemps Dairy in Minnesota. I believe it was Johannes (John) Kemps, of whom I have found a bit of information in Sibley County. In 1908, at the time of his half-brother Arnoldus’ death, he is listed (by the name of John) as living in Minneapolis. Then, in October of 1912, we find a John Kemps serving as pall-bearer for Walter Kaufmann in Green Isle township, Minnesota at Saint Joseph’s Church in Arlington, Sibley County. (There is no longer a Saint Joseph’s Parish in Arlington, only Saint Mary’s.) The date given on the Kemps Dairy Website as the dairy’s beginning is 1914. I would appreciate any information or leads. Thanks! Suzanne Noffke
Patricia Graham ( 04 Feb 04
I am looking for information regarding Henry and Mary Cassidy. They appeared in the 1880 Washington Lake Township census with children: Thomas (b. 1858), Patrick (b. 1859), Mary Ann (b. 1862), Julie (b. 1864), Matilda (b. 1866-my ggrandmother), and Margaret (b. 1868). If anyone has any information regarding Henry and Mary prior to 1880 (when did they immigrate into U.S., where were they prior to move to Sibley County, MN, etc.) it would be greatly appreciated. Other Sibley County Family Names: Wherley, Fuhrmann, Hallinan. Thank you. Patricia Graham
Margaret Finn ( Feb 3, 2004
Looking for more information on Daniel Myers, he was born 1855 in Ireland and lived in Green Isle from about 1883 to 1932, was a shoemaker and is possibly buried in St Brendan's Cemetery. His first wife was Mary Long Myers (1854-1916) I am interested in finding out about his life in Green Isle.
Sharon Burnside ( 14 Jan 04

I am looking for any information regarding Brockhoff or Bullert. Thank you.
Ann Tracy-Lopez ( 12 Dec 03
Tracy (Tracey)

Thomas Tracey b. 1829 Galway, Ireland. Came to Green Isle township in 1846. Married Briget Flanagan b. 1938 Mayo, Ireland. Tracey/Tracy family lived in Green Isle until 1972. Searching for township in Galway of birth of Thomas Tracey, name of his father/mother/siblings.
June McCarthy ( November 25, 2003
Would like information on Quast, Linton, Healey,MacDonald, Bean, McCarthy,Van Doren,Regan,Arnold, Kipp, Squire,Ward,Kennedy,Missensal,of Sibley county, Green Isle and Henderson and New Auburn.
Paul Hunerberg ( 30 Oct, 2003
William Hunerberg
<> May 24, 03
Looking for an obituary for Michael Laughlin, died October 10, 1887. His Widow Catherine Laughlin was left with twelve children. After his death she and the family moved to Morton, MN. Thanks for any help.
Cherry DeVaney ( May 17, 03
I am interested in any info on Shadingers in Sibley Co, MN. I am descended from Shadingers from Carroll Co, GA and believe strongly there is a connection, but haven't been able to make it yet. Any help would be appreciated. May 11, 03
Perschau, Luedtke
I am looking for Perschau, Arlington and Arlington Township. Also Luedtke, New Auburn and New Auburn Township
Clare M Larsen ( May 7, 03
Looking for information on the ancestors & descendants of my great grandparents William O'BRIEN and Mary BOYLE O'Brien from the Arlington/Green Isle area. William was a farmer/livestock dealer. William b. 1864 MN d. 1937 Arlington. Mary b. 1869 or 1870 MN d. 1916 Arlington.They had 6 children I know of: 1. William Walter - b. 1894 d. 1954. Known as Walter. 2. Margaret b. 1898. 3. James - b. 1897 d.1916? Died as a young man. Was said to be a prize fighter. 4. Marie - b. 1900? d. 1983. 5. Ruth - b. 1903 d.1979. 6. Mary Susan or Susanna b.1901?
So far what I know is that at least three of these children were baptized at St. Mary's Church, William, Mary and James are buried in the parish cemetery, and the elder children were born in Green Isle.
William and Mary were married in 1892 at Green Isle. Priest was Fr. J.J. Hand. Lawrence Madden and Maggie Boyle were witnesses.
The info I have lists William's father as James OBrien. I have no further info about James nor his wife or other children other than he was born in Ireland.
I am told Mary Boyle O'BRIEN had a sister (K)Catherine who was married to a Patrick GALLAGHER. She may have also had a sister named Maggie. Her death record lists her parents as William BOYLE and Mary WELSH, both born in Ireland. I have no further info on this family either. Any information on any of the above families/names would be greatly appreciated!
Naomi - - April 1, 2003
I am wondering if anyone can help me nail down two things on the Fenske family for me. They are: Ferdinand Fenske born about 1872 and died before March 1915, I believe in the Gaylord area, but for sure in Sibley County. Parents are Fredrick Fenske and Caroline (Templin) Fenske. I would like to know Ferdinand's death date and where he is buried, and if possible the cause of death. They other thing I want to find out more on is a brother of Ferdinand's, named August was born March 6, 1872 in Sibley County and died July 5, 1872 in Sibley County. I also would like to find where August is buried and what his cause of death was. If anyone can help, please let me know and thank you!
Jane Murphy ( Feb.9,2003
Kane, Kehoe
I am looking for descendants of Patrick and Sarah Kane who were in Green Isle. They were a family of nine. The father Patrick died in 1910 and his wife Sarah died in 1887. Among others they had sons Charles, James, and John. John died in 1910. They were related to the Kehoe's. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Evon Bachaus ( December 11, 2002
Stresemann and Noack

I am looking for the Stresemann family of Winthrop, particularly Otto or Emil Stresemann who stood up for the wedding of my grandparents Richard August Ferdinand Backhaus and Emma Wilhelmina Stressmann. Also for more information on the family of Augusta Noack who was my mother's paternal grandmother. Her husband was Ferdinand Boelter. They were married in Henderson in 1868.
Denise M Bailey (
Looking for information on John Helie Bigaouette. He is buried in Jessenland. Name could also be spelled Bigout. born 1825, died 1877. He married Catherine Dixon. His child was Joseph Bigaouettte b 8-24-2862 d. 1-27-1929 married Mary Ann Doherty.
Delila Duffy <>October 02, 2002
Otto Pieschke age 45 in the 1920 New Auburn census. He is widowed at time of census. Children are Theodore, Alvina, Otto, August. Would like to know more about Otto, wife and where in Prussia they immigrated from in 1881
Monita ( Sept. 2002
I would like to contact Genevieve Jacobson or relatives working on ISENBERG family. I have some Swedish research that you may not have. I am from the ENGVALL branch of the family.
David Grunbaum ( July 7, 2002
Dixon, Gibson, Griffin
I am doing research on the following family from Washington Lake. I have found reference to the family in the 1880 Federal census: Patrick Dixon married Susan (Gibson). Children: Ella, other born after 1880: Mammie, Stella, Jennie, and James. Stella Gibson married Frank Griffin, they had two children: Susan (1905) and Genevieve(1903). Stella had a second marriage to Ralph B. Carl. Susie and Genevieve may have been born in Glencoe.
June McCarthy ( JUNE 28, 2002
McCarthy, Regan, Bean
I would like to hear for anyone researching the names McCarthy, Regan and Bean of Sibley county, Washington Lake and Green Isle, Henderson areas. John McCarthy of Cork Ireland, (where in Cork Ireland ) married Mary Casey, had son John born 1822 married Mary Ward born 1826,(buried Henderson) they had Mary Kennedy, John Patrick mar. Ellen REGAN, (buried Green Isle) Margaret Spence, Ellen Hunsberger and Thomas J.McCarthy.
Clark Darling ( June 25, 2002
Searching for my grandmother's birth records. Her parents: John(Irving) GAMEL and Margaret SETTER were living in New Auburn, Sibley, MN 1870-1900. Her father is buried in High Island Cemetery in New Auburn. Do not know where her mother is buried. In 1914, Margaret was living with a daughter in Big Lake, MN.
Betty Borchardt Michael ( June 16, 2002
I am looking for information on PETERMAN/PETERMANN families living in the New Auburn area as far back as 1880 and any descendants thereof. I would be related to them through my paternal grandmother (maiden name SCHOESSOW). Would love to meet some lost cousins and add branches to my Tree.
Cathy Lombard ( June 03, 2002
Haase, Maurer, Gasow, Borth
Researching families of J. & Dorothea Haase, their daughters Henriette (m. Friedrich Gasow) and Wilhelmina (m. William Maurer) and so on. J (first name unknown) lived ca 1786-1865 & Dorothea (maiden unknown) lived ca 1790-1862. Henriette (1827-1889) & Friedrich (1819-1911) along with the Haases are buried in Gasow Cemetery. Wilhelmina (1824-1911) and William (1824-1911 - honest they really did live the exact same years)are buried in Brown Cemetery. All were born in Mecklenberg and I was told they settled in Dryden Township in spring of 1857, although I've yet to find them on the 1857 census. They were Lutheran, don't know which parish. The first two generations and most of the third stayed in the Gaylord-Henderson area their entire lives. I'll happily share info with anyone interested. Thanks

Cathy Lombard ( June 03, 2002
Beecher, Holland, Lester
Researching the families of Margaret Holland (1829-1900) married first to Ben Lester or Lesher (ca 1806 - 1859) of Henderson. And of David Beecher (1831-1877) married first to Johannah Unknown (who died between 1857-1860) of Jessenland. Margaret and David later married each other and are buried at St. Thomas in Jessenland. I'd be glad to share information. Thanks,

Shari Fjeld <> May 29, 2002
Fromm, Hoppe
I am looking for any information on Carl William Fromm. He was born 1843 in Germany then moved to Wisconsin when he was 12 then moved later to Sibley County. He married my great gramdma Mary Hoppe in August 1872. They had a son born in Sibley County John Eddie Fromm in July 1879. The information I am interested in finding is the marriage information on Carl and Mary--my grandparents. Any information you may find on Mary such as birth information or information on her parents. Also birth information on John E. Fromm.
Delila Duffy, - 5/21/2002
Friedrich & Karoline Krant lie buried in Redeemer Lutheran cemetery south of Belle Plaine, MN. just of highway # 19. Friedrich was born 1/1/1823, he died 7/7/1902. Karoline was born 2/2/1822, she died 5/13/1909. I am looking for relatives of two of their children. August Krant & Gustav & Auguste Holtz (Krant)
Cindy Dahlke-Adams, ( May 11, 2002
I am seeking information on the Christopher (Chris or Christoph)Dahlke family that resided in Sibley county during the late 1870s. Chris was commited to St. Peter's State Hospital for the Insane on February 20, 1877. He died there a short time later. His wife, Amelia (Grewe) Dahlke remarried to Fred William Keinitz (Kienitz) about 1879. They resided in Sibley County Section 13, New Auburn Township. Any info pertaining to either of these families would be deeply appreciated.
Wanda Corscadden ( 11 May 02
My great grandfather was Friedrich Dreves-Kracht who came to America by ship from Bremen, Germany via New York City on Oct 11, 1855. He had a relative named Fredericka Wilhelimina Dreves-Kracht (a/k/a Dreweskracht & Dreveskracht) who married a man named Herbst in the l890's. If anyone has any information on this woman, please contact me at the email address listed below. Wanda Corscadden Montana USA
Arlene Nelson ( April 16, 2002 
Looking for any one with information on my ancestor, Amelia Martien/Martin. She was born 1865 in West Prussia. Came to Jessenland Township with an aunt and uncle (names unknown) between 1869-1879. Aunt died. Amelia adoped (no records) by Carl and Augusta Nauditt. They were strangers to Amelia. Church connection - St. Paul's Church, Henderson, Minnesota.
Annita Cox ( 31 Mar 2002
I am seeking information relating to my ancestors, Abraham and Louisa LIVINGSTON. The family was enumerated in the 1860 Jessen Land, Sibley County, MN census. Abraham was born in Canada 1807 and Louisa in NY 1813. Their children were: Silas E. b. 1832, Helen b. 1835, Malissa b. 1837, Amanda b. 1840, Rachel (my line) b. 1846, Walter b. 1847 and Elizabeth b. 1850, Charles 1852, Daniel b. 1856, Willard b. 1859. The family migrated from PA to IL to MN then on to KS in 1870. Any help is appreciated.
Mike KELLEY, ( 28 Mar 02
I'am searching for the parents of John Frances KELLEY, b 1848 in PA, married Eliza DIXON may 1876 Jessenland Twp, Children: John,Margaret,Mathew,George,Alousius (My Grandfather) and James. Resided in Stillwater till 1894 then moved to St Paul after the death of Eliza. Married Susan DIXON. John Died Nov 1904 and is buried at St Thomas Catholic Church in Jessenland Twp
Don & Gert Jahnke ( 18 Mar 02
Hi,I am trying to find newspaper stories about the Gibbon baseball team, when my Dad played for the Gibbon town team.He was a pitcher. He played with or befor Harry Pautz, one of names I remember. It had to be in the 1919-1930 area. Michelson is another name I remember. Dad was born in Moltke Twp. in 1900. I was born in Gibbon in 1927. now live in Pine River,MN. Dad once owned ( with a partner) the Gibbon Ballroom. They moved it from the Gibbon Park to it's present site. Thanks. Don & Gert Jahnke
Sarah ( 18 Mar 02
Hi. I am interested in a GTA elevator that possibly closed in Sibley County in 1966. There was a manager that worked there from 1954 until it closed in 66. I have reason to believe that he is my biological grandfather. If anyone has any information or can point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate any info. Thank you Sarah

Paula Wolkerstorfer ( 12 Mar 02
Looking for ancestors and decedents of John Steffer, born in Prussia about 1820, married to Louise Black, also born in Prussia about 1835-40. Came to US about 1868. Known to be in Sibley Co for 1880 census. Had 10 children: Gustaf, Michael, Gottlieb, John and Frederick, all born in Prussia, and Augusta, Lewis, Henry, Bertha, and Hulda, born in Minnesota. Frederick later moved to Washington State where he married Pauline Betz in Cheney in 1892.
Larry Behnke ( 2 March 2002
Opitz, Behnke
Looking for ancestors and decedents of CHARLES/CARL OPITZ, born ca 1819, who with his wife, JOHANNA, son Charles, daughters Bertha and Emma immigrated from the Province of Silesia, Prussia ca 1860. They first went to Wisconsin where son Herman was born in 1861. The family next moved to Transit Township, Sibley County MN where sons Paul and Henry were born in 1867 and 1871 respectively. Emma, my Great Grandmother, married Reinhold Behnke in 1871 and spent the next 30 years in Sibley County. Any information regarding the Opitz family would be greatly appreciated.
Dan Sander ( 01 Mar. 2002
Searching for any information on Johann (John) Sander and Anna Caroline Alwin. Other surnames being researched are, SANDER, BREITKREUTZ, FELDMAN, ALWIN, SABLOSKA?, STREBEL, MEISNER, GEIB, RIEKE, WOLF, and, BOSSE. I have quite a bit of information, but am always looking for more. Would appreciate any help and am always willing to share.
Corey Dunaiski ( 2-7-02
Searching for any information on the following names from the Jesssenland-Henderson area: ANDERLEY, SHAUGHNESSY, TRIMBO, LAWRENCE and DIXON from the mid 1800's to present. Willing to trade information.
Dr Dorothy Schneider ( Feb 2, 2002
information on John P. Kratka of Henderson, Sibley County, Minnesota. He lived there in 1862 and applied for funds for property lost as a result of the Dakota uprising. Would appreciate any information on his family and where he was born. Thank you in advance.
Sandra Sandman ( 24 January, 2002
Sandman(n), Herbst
Looking for data on family of Henry Carl Sandmann and Wilhemina (Ahlers) Sandmann, who immigrated from Hannover, Germany. They moved to Henderson, Minn in 1885. Minn. State Census of 1900 has them listed in Blakely Twsp with children: Henry, Margaret, Edward and Fred. They would later have a sum of eight children. Their eldest son, Henry William Christian Sandman married Anna Herbst in Nov. 1901. She was the daughter of Mr.Mrs. Edward Herbst of Blakely. Henry and Anna lived in Henderson until 1918 and then moved to Buffalo Lake. Henry was confirmed in a Lutheran church by a Rev. Ahlbrecht - does anyone know what church this would be? I would like to make contact with Herbst and Sandmann descendants or any neighbors of these families. The purpose would be to learn more about their life and obtain copies of any family pictures.
Patricia Galvin Whalen ( January 17, 2002

This is a Sibley County Query about my great grandparents: Denis Galvin (b. 1821 in County Kerry, Ireland) and Joanna Casey (b. 1828 in County cork, Ireland). The came to US, lived a short while In St. Louis, Missouri and settled in Sibley County. They had ten children, three of whom died as infants. I know the names of their children and their children's spouses, but I do not know anything else about them. Their names are as follows: John Galvin and Margaret Coughlin; Julia Galvin and John Griffin; Thomas Galvin and Elizabeth McCarthy; Timothy Galvin and Mary Padden; Patrick Galvin and Nell Grattan; Catherine Galvin and John Mulhern; Michael Galvin and Hannah Berg. Dennis and Joanna are both buried in the cemetery at Assumption. Any information on these family members would be appreciated. Pat Galvin Whalen

DOHENY'S LANDING ( 27th Nov. 2001
I'm trying to find out about the history/origin of Doheny's Landing and in particular, its connection to the name DOHENY.
Linda Boyle Ledford
( Nov 19, 01
Boyle, Joyce, Flannery
ggg grandfather John Boyle came to Sibley Co. with daughter Catherine (Boyle) Joyce & her husband Gehard. Catherine & Gehards 1st born daughter was Margaret Joyce, born 1862. Her death certificate lists place of birth - Assumption. They are all buried in Assumption Lake Cemetery except her father John. I am still searching for his burial place. My great uncle Ed Boyle of Carver Co. said John was buried behind a small church in Jessenland. Gehard died in 1886, Catherine in 1891. Daughters Elizabeth & Margaret divided the Joyce farm according to obit. Margaret was married to John C. Flannery.( I have a picture of John & underneath it says Belle Plaine). I do not know if they had children? I believe John's parents were Cornnelius & Mary Flannery. All buried in Assumption Cemetery also. Looking for info on these families, especially where my ggg grandfather is buried.
Eugene Tobias ( Oct 20, 2001
I am looking for Yvonne Larson who lived in Winthrop in the late 50's and early 60's. She may still be living there I don't know. If she is married I do not know her new name. I use to know Yvonne during that time. I llived in New Ulm just south of Winthrop. When I knew her she lived on the first farm south of Winthrop. Yvonne had one brother and even that name does not come to my mind. All I want to do is see how she is doing and what she has done the past 40 years.

Debbie ( October 11, 2001
looking for any one with information on hildegarde butschkau, born aug 14th 1885. died aug 24th 1958. would love to know if anyone knew her or family thank you. Debbie
Zach Petz ( Sept 27, 2001
I am looking for a birth record for a Una Ianthe YOUNG born Aug 05, 1911 in Gaylord, MN. I have very little information about her parents but I think their names were Charlie Young and Alverta Pond. Any information you can find for me would be a great help. Any related individuals would be nice too. Thank you, Zach Petz
Jerry Orazem ( ) Sept 25,2001
looking for any info on a Ernst Gustavus or Gustavus Ernst Blaser .Born about 1853 in Germany . Came to Sibley or LeSueru Co. Was a tailor .Had a tailor shop in LeSueur in 1881 . Married Emma Demm in LeSueur in 1878. Had 2 children ; Lydia born 1880 and Karl or Charles born 1881 . Karl died in 1882 . Between 1882 and mid 1885 Emma and Gustavus divorced. We want to find out about Gus after the divorce , When died ? where ?. We know there are several Blaser's in the Gasow Cemetery and St Paul's Cemetery near Gaylord ., ,
Jan Francis ( Sept 12, 2001
Looking for information on the Sibley Kuske's... Johann Friedrick Kuske (b. Prussia 1846) son of Johann and Wilhelmina Kuske, married Albertina (b. in prussia 1852) daughter of Caroline and John Leistikow. Son John Kuske, b. MN 1884, married Emma b. MN 1883, daughter of Albert Gutzmer and Augusta Zabel.
Pam Hufstader ( Aug 21, 01
I am looking for information about Fred or John Kahlow who was married to Rieka Rahing Kahlow. He is buried in the Brown Cemetery in Henderson, Minnesota and she is buried in the German Settlement Cemetery which I think is also in Henderson. I do not know their marriage date or place. Their daughter, Ida Kahlow Milbradt was my great-grandmother. She was born (place unknown) on April 1, 1869 and married Herman H. Milbradt (date place unknown). Ida died in Wood Lake, Minnesota in Yellow Medicine County on May 23, 1932.
Robert A. Nelson (bkconstruction@ Retrieved from MnGenWeb archives Aug 10, 2001
My Grandmother was Lydia Johanna Marie Dreveskracht. Born Jan 25, 1884 in Kelso MN. (Sibley County) she Died July 01, 1943. in Glasgow Montana. She married Earl Manville Nelson in 1906. He was born May 17, 1883 in Minnespolis, MN. Died Sept. 21, 1953 in St Paul, MN. She had a son out of wedlock by Anton Horst, MN. ?? His Name was Raymond Clarence Louis Horst Nelson. Born Jan 03, 1902. Mpls. MN. Died Nov 02, 1978. in Mpls MN. She also had three children By Earl M. Nelson Earl A. Nelson. born Oct 07, 1908 MN. Died July 30, 1995 in Glasgow Montana. Louis Angelo Nelson. born Mar 26, 1916. MN. Died Oct 16, 1998. Great Falls Montana. A daughter Emilie M. Nelson. (Settera) Born 1911. in Richland Montana. Died 1946 in Glasgow Montana Lydia Father was Frederrick Wm. Dreveskracht, born April 13, 1858. Kelso Twp, MN. Died Feb 18, 1908. in MN. If someone needs information on the dreveskracht family me . Thanks Bob..
Lonni Bethke ( July 30, 2001
I am searching for any info. regarding the BETHKE or BORTH families from Sibley County area. John Herman Emil Bethke (d. 1983) and Oradell Alvina Borth (b. 1912, d. 1984) were married and had four children (Gary, Mavis, Delaine, Nelda) whom they raised in Gibbon, MN. They had 200+ acres of farmland, which is still in the Bethke name. John's parents were Fredrich Bethke and Ida Ahlbrecht, from where I do not know. Any info is appreciated!
Delila Duffy ( 7/16/2001
I am looking for infomation leading me to Friedrick Krant. Born in Posen, Prussia on 1/6/1852. Lived on a farm in McLeod County, Mn with wife Caroline BREYER and three children. I cannot find death records at that county. One daughter married and moved to Belle Plain, MN. Friedrick died 7/7/1902. There is no record in Scott County, Mn for his death there. I am wondering if he may have moved into the Sibley County, MN area.
Judy Irons ( July 13, 2001
Seibold (t)
and Petermann
Looking for info on descendents of Fredrick & Barbara Seibold(t) of Rush River and then Henderson, Sibley County. Some of their children are: Gottlieb, Christina Frederika who married Charles Petermann -lived in Henderson and then St.Paul, and Charles S. who married Delia Kohler - lived in Henderson and then LeSeuer County, MN.
Larry Behnke ( July 12, 2001
Looking for information on Edward Behnke b. about 1815 in Prussia who with his wife Eva, son Reinhold G., and daughter Antonie immigrated to the U.S. in 1873. Reinhold G. married Emma Pauline Obitz in 1880 or early 1881 and settled in Transit Township, Sibley County as a farmer. I have no information, but would like some, on the Obitz family. While Reinhold G. and Emma Pauline Behnke settled in Transit Township, Reinhold's parents, Edward and Eva Behnke lived in the Henderson, Sibley County area. The Behnke's were in Sibley county from around 1873 until about 1903. Reinhold could also be spelled Rinehold. Any information on any of these people would be appreciated., July 06, 2001
Looking for info on A.P. Anderson and wife Katrina and son Henry living in Bernadotte in 1880. Henry with wife Margarita lived in Alfsborg, Sibley Co. in 1900. A.P. Anderson ,Katrina and Henry came across from Sweden in 1862. All where naturalized in 1866/67 in Sibley County., June 25, 2001
I am searching for Micheal Mangan/Bridget Welsh Mangan decendants of Washington Lake Township; John McCarthy/ KateDaly McCarthy and there decendants of the Belle PLaine area and finally th McGrann Clan of Green Isle, Washington Lake Township. Can exchange info for the following families, Lawrence, Berger, Purcell, Sherlock, Colbert, Bailey, Rasmussen, and Daly.
Diane Zacher,, 5/5/2001
Surnames: Mast, Summ
Looking for info. on Gottlob Mast, shown as naturalized in Sibley County, MN, in 1867. He arrived in U.S. at age 14, occupation laborer, with Johann, age 13, aboard Fanny from Antwerp to NY docking May 23, 1854. He voted in 1872 in California in Yolo County, where a large number of descendants live today. He may have married Anna Maria Summ in Minnesota. In Minnesota, the two had three children, Edward b. about 1866, John Gottlieb b. 21 Oct. 1867, and Laura b. about 1868. These were later followed by another 5 born in California. He came from (Freudenstadt--we think), Wurttemberg, Germany. Thanks for your help.
Faith Brockoff ( ) May 13, 2001
I'm looking for information on the Brockoff family. I can trace it to an Albert Brockoff issued a ss# in Sibley county,Mn. This is as far as I can go as there is no trace of his wife. Thank you for any help. Faith Brockoff
Dawn Hince ( May 07, 2001
I'm researching the following surnames in Jessenland, and Henderson, MN. with the most important listed first--
Lifto/Lefto/Leftault, Gadbaw, Greenbush, Beliveau, Peliter, Pollock, Wagner, Murphy, Comnick, Goulet, Anderly, Kotasek, Paquette, Durocher, Favro/Favreau, Kenow, Hoyt, Kochsiek, Sweeny, Anderson, Schliesing, Lingane, Golden, Patterson. My main names are Lifto/Lefto as my gr. gr. grandparents were Joseph and Adelaide (St. Michel) Lifto. They migrated to Jessenland about 1857-1856. She died there November 13, 1883 a widow. I'v never been able to find obits on either of them as the Henderson Independant is missing for her obit, and his approxamite death date. I am very interested in connecting with anyone tracing any of the names I have listed.
Linda Boyle Ledford ( May 05, 2001
I am looking for information on my great great great grandfather Thomas Boyle. I was told her was buried in a small church cemetary in Sibley County in the late 1860's to 1870's. He settled in the Belle Plaines/Green isle area and his wife's name was Margeret. I would be greatful for any information you can find about him Thanks
Dave Faessel ( May 03, 2001
Baran / Baron / Barron

I'm looking for information on my gggrandmother. I don't have much except that she died in Henderson, Sibley County, on December 20, 1903. Her name was: Anna (maybe Mary Anne or Marianna) BARAN or BARON or BARRON. She was the widow of Joseph BARAN, and mother of Joseph and Jacob Baran, of St. Cloud and of Mpls. She was born in Zarnowitz, Prussia, probably between 1810-1820. Her maiden name was Gaffke (I think).
Lorna Hole ( May 02, 2001
My grandfather's youngest brother, John Ohland, married Elsbeth (Elsie) Dascher. In the 1900 census they resided in New Auburn Township. John was a blacksmith. They subsequently moved to Canada. I have an incomplete, handwritten, genealogy chart for them but cannot locate the family. Any clue will be appreciated.
Kevin Shortell <> March 24, 2001
Anyone know where I can obtain information on these people or if anyone is related to them? William Pierce Shortell born July 2, 1869 in Green Isle, Minnesota, his parents, John Augustine Shortell & Bridget Delaney were from Killkenny, Ireland. William Shortell was married to Minnie (Wilhelimina Katherine Gast) born in Germany. William had brothers Tom, John, Edward and sisters Maggie (Margaret) & Julia. Julia married a Dwyer. William & Minnie Shortell later moved to Montana. The Shortell family farmed in GreenIsle, Minn. somewhere. They were catholic. Thanks, Kevin

Jerry Orazem ( ) March19,2001
Demm /Damm/ Blasé/ Blaser
Searching for info on the Friedrick and Henrietta Demm family . Went to Sibley Co (assume in Henderson area ) from Schwarzburg  Germany in 1968 /1870.  Had several children including Emma ,  born in 1861 . Emma married a
Gustavus Blase or Blaser about 1878-1879.Gustavus Or Erst born 1853 in Prussia .  Had daughter ,Lidia , born Jan 1880 in LeSueur.  In 1885 Emma remarried a August Hasse in Chaska (Carver Co. ) We tying to find what happened  (1)  to Gustavus  between 1880 and 1885.  (2 ) any info on the Blase family  nd (3) how did Emma end up in Chaska area . Did parents Fred and Henrietta move to that area in 1880-1885 ?

Margaret  Buller (  March 16, 2001
Looking for information about  Michael Buesgens and his family who lived in Faxon Township, Sibley County in the 1920's.  He was married to Gertrude ? and was probably Catholic.

Joyce Shepet, ( March 12, 2001
I am looking for information on the Kabb and Shepet families of Henderson, MN.  Max Shepet (b. 1889 d. 1966) married Sarah Kabb (b. 1895, d. 1984).  They had 4 children:  Mark, Sylvia, Harris and Theodore.  Any information would be appreciated.  Thanks!

Kate Maley ( 3-10-01
O'Brien and Welch
I am looking for information about my maternal great grandfather's family. He was William O'Brien, b. 1878 - d. 1945. He married Bridget Fogarty in Belle Plaine, Scott County, MN in 1896.  His oldest child (of seven) was my grandmother, Florence O'Brien Mulcahy.  He had a brother named Dan and possibly another brother or cousin named Frank.  I believe his mother's maiden name was Welch.  I would appreciate any information regarding these families.

Lucinda Johnson ( March 01, 2001
Herman or Harry Plankers.  Born in Arlington? around 1874.  He is listed as my grandmothers father in the McLeod County records.  My great grandparents were not married and my great grandmother Bertha LITZAU never spoke of H. Plankers.  It would settle a family mystery if we could find out if this is our Herman Plankers.

BOULDUC@aol.comFebruary 19, 2001
I am a descendant of Carl(Charles) and Regina(Eberhardt) Miller(Mueller) who lived north of Gibbon. Carl is buried there and Regina later died in Iowa. They were German Lutherans. Their son, John Miller, was my Great Great Grandfather. John married Charlotte Eckardt from that area, too. I would really like to know more about Carl and Regina and their backgrounds. Thanks!

Dicksie Knight MAY ( February 19, 2001
Researching these surnames of Sibley County, MN.  Would like to exchange information with
anyone interested in these families.

Elaine Radwanski ( February 08, 2001
Looking for any info on a Mueller family, that lived in Sibley County, Moltke Township, Fred Muelller/Miller born on July 12 1854. Married Mary Broemelkamp. This couple had eleven children. Info on this couple and their children would be appreciated. Childrens names were Edward, Rhoda, Clara, George, Laura, Ella, Ida, William, Emma. Have birth dates of the children and their married names most buried near Gibbon, Hector, MN    Thanks  Elaine

K Flanagan ( February 03, 2001
I am Looking for Mary Owens born in Penna in 1852, who married an Andrew Dolan in Green Isle Minn in 1877.  Andrew Dolan was born in Green Isle Minn, They had three children and later moved to North Dakota.

Jim Huelskamp ( January 15, 2001
I am researching my paternal great-grandmother Josephine Fischer.  She is the daughter of Franz (Frank) and Carolina Fischer.  She also had at least one brother, August.  According to the 1860 census, this family lived in Jessenland Township in Sibley County.  Josephine Fischer is supposed to have married Bernard Huelskamp in 1860 or 1861, but the location is not known.  Josephine would have been about 20 or 21 years old at that time.  Religion is most likely Catholic. I need help in locating the places (and dates) of birth, and death of Frank and Carolina, and the marriage of Josephine and Bernard Huelskamp.  Any help in locating the vital records of this family would be appreciated.

HFarrar767@aol.comDecember 27, 2000
Hi I am doing research for the families of Henry Joseph Thole and is family, Wife Elizabeth (Blumberg ) sons Frank, Steven, Henry ( Joe ). Frank is listed in the 1880 census along with is wife Cathrine Gannon Thole. Any type of help would be great.

Barbara Vester ( December 02, 2000
I am researching my paternal grandparents, and the Johann Samuel Borth Family immigrated in 1859 from Prussia to Minnesota and were said to have settled in the "Minneapolis" area.  A very early family photo was taken at a studio in
Henderson.  William Borth, who was 8 years old when he immigrated trained as a blacksmith and then moved to the Sauk Co., Wisc. area and married my great-grandmother.  Thank you.

Naomi Koepsell Jurgens ( November 30, 2000
Fenske, Koping, Senske, Wigand, Leske, Pomplun, Templin
There are a few questions I would like to put within this query having to do with the Fenske Family
1. I have an Albertina Rose Fenske b. 1859 and d. 1894, parents were Frederick Wilhelm Fenske and Caroline Templin. I know that she married a Fred Koping and he was born September 28, 1855 and died October 5, 1915. They had seven known children but I do not know any of the names. If you could fill me in more on the dates and places of Albertina's birth and death or have any information on her children please let me know.

2. I have another child of Frederick Wilhem Fenske and Caroline Templin and his name is Julius Albert. He was b. January 1, 1860 in Washington Lake Township, Sibley County, MN and died November 5, 1937. He married Alvina Pomplun November 13, 1885 and she was born March 27, 1864 and died June 30, 1925. They also had seven children, I have their names but no dates. Louise Heimke, Henry, Herman, Louis, Julius, Alvina, Anna. Again I need help in the place of birth, marriage and death of Julius and more on his children and where they landed up at.

3. I have an Albert Fenske whose parents were William R. Fenske and Clara Augusta Berthat Paul. Albert was born October 2, 1892 and died August 24, 1962. Albert had 2 sisters - Frieda  (first married a Ed Senske and then a man with the last name Wigand) and Clara. I would love to fill in information on Albert and his sisters.  Their parents are buried at St. Paul's Cemetery in Gaylord, Sibley County, MN.

4. Finally I have a Arthur Fenske who was b. March 10, 1889 in Grafton Township, Sibley County, MN and died November 21, 1969 in Buffalo Lake, MN. He married a Laura Leske February 3, 1909. They had two known kids and they were Esther and Elloyd Banke. I do not have anything else on these kids except their names, can anyone help?

Bruce Richardson ( October 19, 2000
Michael Donohue died 1873 Henderson, Sibley, MN wife Ellen Donohue died 29 Dec 1872 Henderson, Sibley, MN Any clue as to where they are buried? I checked St. Joseph and Brown's Cemetery and no luck. 
Diana Schroedl Lahti ( Oct 14,2000
Schroedl, Geotz
I'm inquiring about Schroedl's and Geotz's who lived in Gibbon MN from about 1883 to about 1928 George Schoedl was a butcher in town. Some of his children’s jobs were John- mail carrier. Joseph- blacksmith. George Geotz owned a threshing machine and went all over the county. They belonged to St. Willibrough Catholic church. Diana Schroedl Lahti 
Galen W. Sommer ( October 07, 2000
I'm working on the family history of my great-grandfather William Sommer who first settled in Penn Township in McLeod County in 1862 and than later on around the beginning of the 1890's bought land in Bismark Township in Sibley County. He died in Winthrop, MN. on 4/18/1905. He was possibly born in Gross Friedrichsfeld (Stachowice) - village, Schweidnitz (Swidnica) - county, Schlessin (Silesia) - state, Prussia (Poland). Galen W. Sommer 
Karen Sander Helfert ( September 24, 2000
Sander, Riecke
I am starting on my family tree for Sander and at two points I have, so far, found several Riecke's. I have an: Ernestina Sander (dob 10/May/1851 in Prussia) marrying a John Riecke - no other info on him. Then later, I have: Hattie Sander (DOB 12/Sep/1890) marrying (probably in Arlington) a John Riecke - no other info on him. I also have Laura Sander (born 1881) marrying an Adam Riecke - no other info on him. If you have any info which would fit any of these relationships, I would appreciate it... I am especially looking for any Sander (centered in Arlington/Henderson) info. I, of course, will be glad to share whatever I have. Thanks ..... Karen Sander Helfert 
Mary Kay Schmidt ( September 22, 2000
Seeking information on ancestors and descendants of Patrick KIERNAN and Katherine Mary DONLON of Washington Lake Township, Sibley County, MN. Patrick was born about 1842 in Ireland, possibly County Cavan. On February 23, 1867, he married Katherine Mary DONLON at St. Thomas Catholic Church in Jessenland Township, Sibley County. Katherine was born November 20, 1849, in New York, to Peter DONLON and Mary FOX. The DONLON family moved to Washington Lake Township between 1856 and 1858. Patrick KIERNAN died on November 1, 1894, in Washington Lake Township. Katherine died in Jessenland Township on September 3, 1931. Both are buried, along with many of their children, in St. Brendan's Catholic Cemetery, Green Isle, Sibley County. 
Keith Meyer-Blasing, ( Sept. 8, 2000
I'm interested in getting in touch with anyone researching the Blasing or Blaesing family, which came to Henderson from in 1855. This includes Martin and Beate Blaesing and their offspring, including August F. Blasing, Friedrich F. Blasing, Julius Blasing, and Hermann Blasing, all four of whom fought in the civil war. Any info would be helpful. Martin Blaesing was the brother of my ggg grandfather, Michael Blaesing, whose son, August came to America at the same time and settled in Waukesha Cty, Wisconsin. 
Karen Sander Helfert ( 08/22/2000
Sander, Becker
My grandfather, Arthur Sander had a farm outside of Arlington, later moved in town. Am told he helped start the Sibley County Museum. Am looking for Sander's ancestors and related family Thanks in advance 
Charles B. Hoelzel ( August 14, 2000
PAPKE, Gottfried Wilhelm Herman (1835-1910) and EISLER, Julienne (1841-1907). Married Vitroese, Pomerania 5 Nov 1859. Emigrated 1863 with daughter Antonia Juliana to Milwaukee WI. Moved to Sibley County 1871. Divorced 1889. She remarried August Henschke in 1880.

MANNSFELDT, Martin Carl (1830-1898) KAMMER, Sophia Monetha (1831-1896). He emigrated from Mecklenburg (1851) Married in WI 1852, moved to Sibley County 1862. I need more information on birthplaces by way of declaration of intent and/or naturalization for both. 

Vicki Sanow ( July 01, 2000
I am seeking information about the following DETERLING families, found on the 1910 Sibley County census: Henry and Anna, lived Arlington TWS. Charles J. and ?, Henry N. and Emily, lived Gaylord village John and Minnie, lived Moltke TWS. William and Mary, lived Washington Lake TWS. I would like to determine if these families are related to my husband's Deterling relatives from Humberstone TWS, Welland, Ontario, Canada. 
P. Lundstrom ( 6/5/00
Benson, Carlson
I'm looking for information on Ida Marie Elizabeth Benson, born May 29, 1900 in Gibbon, Sibley Co., MN. I don't know her father's name (other than Benson). Her mother's name was Caroline Carlson. The family moved to Modesto, Stanislaus Co., CA where they had land that they farmed. I believe Ida's parents had 11 children, 6 of whom are listed: Myrtle, Carl, Rueben, Waldo, Lawrence, Elmer (Hilmer?). I believe one child died as an infant. Any advice about where to go from here would be appreciated! Thanks,P. Lundstrom 
A WADHAMGL ( April 25, 2000
Looking for any information relating to BURFIELD. Isaac and Arabelle Burfield and family lived in Arlington abt 1900. 
Dennis C. Dahlberg, ( Apr 15 2000
Dietz / Kuske
Looking for information on August Dietz. He was married to Bertha Kuske and Alice Dorn. He farmed for many years in Sibley County. I am a grandson of his. I would like any information on the Dietz and Kuske families. 
Lynn Waara ( April 09, 2000
RIEBE / Sickmann
Looking for any information on Ernest Riebe, son of Albert Riebe and Otillia Sickmann, of Arlington. Story is he went to China and was killed there, and his body shipped back here. His middle name was possibly Lester. If anyone has any information I would appreciate it! Thanks! Lynn 
Kathie Donahue ( April 07, 2000
Francis William BERTRANG (1855 Luxembourg-1938 Henderson, MN) married Mary Susan THEISSEN (1859 Henderson, MN - 1931 Henderson, MN) and had children: Loretta Josephine (m. Paul Stanley BURKE), Mathias Joseph (m. Mae MURPHY), Joseph Alvin (m. Florence Emma THEISSEN), Francis Henry (m. Arvilla A. _________). We would like to correspond with anyone having connections with these families. 
Michael Lundholm ( March 23, 2000
Anderson changed name to Lundholm arrived in Sibley Co. Winthrop, MN circa 1884-85. Jonas Peter and his Wife Greta Lisa (Johannesdotter)Lundholm brought nine children with them from Småland, Sweden. I am looking for confirming dates and information. Thank you, 
Matthew Porter ( 11 March 2000
I am searching for information on William BERGER b. abt 1841 in Baden and his wife Elizabeth b. abt 1844 in PA. They were living in Jessenland Twp as found in the 1880 Sibley Co. MN federal census. Their children include Peter Leo, John, Mary Ann, Celia, Albert and Edward. 
Dcisco42@aol.comMarch 07, 2000
Looking for any information on Riebe Family that came to Minnesota around 1872 or 1873. Looking for family or parents of William Herman Riebe . b. January 10, 1856 in Pommern, Prussia. 
Charlie O'Brien ( March 05, 2000
Am looking for any information I can find on my G-g-grandfather, James O'Brien. He was born in Fermoy, County Cork, Ireland, on December 22nd 1822. He came to the U.S.A. via New York in 1845. He then went to St. Paul, after about 3 years, and Margaret (Mollly) whose last name I presently have 3 variants on, and they married. They moved to Sibley County a few years later where James began purchasing land for farming. Several purchases were made which were eventually passed on to his son Michael, born 1859. James died in Arlington in 1905. I am unable to locate the original farm areas, or the gravesites. Any information would be appreciated. Thank You 
Audrey J Farr ( February 26, 2000
Scharping, Meisner
Looking for Scharping or Meisner in Sibley County, Village of Arlington, Minnesota 1866 - on. Scharping from West Prussia, Germany 
Bob Tusch ( February 25, 2000
Julius Tusch, known to me as a resident of Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1860, then buried in Grand Rapids in 1895, seems to have "disappeared" from Michigan for some number of years. I came across the reference to a Julius Tusch in the Federal Census for Sibley County, Henderson page, page 3. I looked at this page in our microfiche system but could not make out the writing. Furthermore, this census appeared to be more of a census of pigs, cattle, sheep and corn than of people. Not sure what I am missing, but would like usual census information on Julius and the others mentioned in the surname line. Thanks, Bob Tusch (GGGrandson of Julius) 
John Merhoff ( February 22, 2000
Dreves-Kraucht, Merhoff
Looking for information on the Merhoff and Dreves-Kracht families who were living in Sibley County, Minnesota circa 1860 to 1900. Any info greatly appreciated. 
John M. Ross ( January 30, 2000
Reese / Spannaus
Seeking anyone researching (or who have come across) the Reese or Spannaus surnames in Sibley County, MN, most notedly the Henderson Township, Henderson, or Gaylod area. Thanks! 
LouAnn Larson ( January 04, 2000
Bonin or Bonine
I am looking for further information on my great great grandfather Vincent Bonin. He and his wife Mary came from Prussia and settled in New York before coming to Minnesota. He had land in Grafton Township in Sibley County and was buried in the Stewart Catholic Cemetery. Vincent and his wife had 10 surviving children: Regina, Mary, Anna, Emma. Elisabeth, Martha, August, John, Anton and Frank. He lived in Grafton sometime after 1880. The spelling of the last name may have been Bonin and eventually became Bonine. Any information would be greatly appreciated! 
Robert Humphrey ( 12/22/99
Looking for information on my Grandparents. George Humphrey was married to Fleda Brown (Humphrey) possibily in early 1900's My father's brith certificate states they were born in Gaylord and later moved to MA. Any information about the Brown's or Humphrey's in Gaylord area would be helpful. 
Jacki C. Kritzeck ( December 15, 1999
LaBeau or LeBeau, Maisonneuve
Am looking for any info on Baptiste LeBeau / LaBeau and Adolphe or Frederic Maisonneuve. Both were originally French Canadians who ended up in Sibley and Scott Counties. The Maisonneuve family raised 12 children in Henderson and was somewhat well known in the late 1800s. Any info is appreciated. 
Robert A. Nelson, ( 12/01/1999
Dreveskracnt, and Weagand
I am looking for any information on the Dreveskracht, Weagands, or anyone related to these family that someone may have. They settled around New Rome, and Gaylord Minn. About 1860. Thanks Bob Nelson, Great Falls, Montana 
Judy Dalluge ( 11/9/99
Looking for parent of: William Whelan ~ b.1857 IRE or PA. Married: ~ Margaret Sherlock 29 Jul 1878, St. Johns Church, Sibley. Witnesses: John Sherlock, Michael Whelan, Lizzie Donovan, Catherine Sherlock. Thank you, Judy Dalluge 
Jeri Overman ( November 01, 1999
I am researching the Henry Michaelis family of Gibbon, MN. Daughter, Anna Michaelis b. 26 Aug 1884 Married Clyde Dickson Overman. Anna had 4 sisters and 1 brother. The sisters are listed as Mrs. Dick Thran, Gibbon; Mrs. Felix Hoffman, Winthrop; Mrs. Charles P. Fischback, Couderay, WI; and Mrs. John (Bertha) Podratz, Brownton. Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. 
Cathy Kubly ( October 27, 1999
I'm looking for information about Dr. Archie A. SKEMP who lived in Rush City. He was married to Ellen HALPIN. Ellen is a sister to George Francis HALPIN, my great grandfather. He was married elsewhere (DeGraff, Swift Co MN 4 Aug 1919 to Eliza Mae SIMMONDS). Since I am having trouble tracing George's line back, I thought I might get at it through Ellen. The HALPINs settled in Garden Valley, Jackson Co WI--that is where Ellen came from originally. Looking for Ellen's father's name and a location for him. Believe Ellen's parents were Michael and Mary HALPIN, but another source has Michael dying too early to be George's father also. Any help greatly appreciated. 
Howard Radunz ( October 23, 1999
Radunz, Redmann
Looking for any information connected with Ida Redmann or Emil Radunz
Kim Brunner ( October 14th, 1999
I am looking for information about the family of my grandfather, Donald E.F.Briest (dob 11/26/1913). His father's name was August H. Briest (dob unknown), his grandfather was Gottfried Briest (dob 1845) and his grandfather was Gottfried H. Briest (dob 1814). Gottfried H. came to the US from somewhere in Germany, either Hohenstein Province, or Angern, Saxony, Germany) The family settled in Sibley County, in the Gaylord area. Thank you very much in advance! 
Bob Durrenberger ( 29-9-99
I would appreciate any information about my Great-grandfather who settled on a farm near Henderson about 1855; died 30 April, 1900; buried in Calvary Cemetery, Le Sueur. He was born in Wurttemberg on 27 -1- 1818. 
Mike Sherlock ( September 24, 1999
Sherlock, Crocket (Crockett)
I am looking for info on my grandfather Thomas Edward Sherlock born July 27 early 1870's (/1871-75/) in Belle Plaine (Scott Co.). He lived in Sibley Co. His father was Patrick Sherlock, mother ? Mary Crocket (sp). Any info u can share??? 
Judy Boie ( September 21, 1999
Galbreath, Brenten/Brenton
I am in need of a Sibley County Census Look Up for the names - John GALBREATH and Nancy Caroline (POLK) BRENTEN. These two people were supposed to have married in the Arlington, MN area in 1863. I do not know if they stayed in the area. Any help or suggestions will be gratefully received. Thanks! Judy 
Jane Baker ( September 16, 1999
Looking for the birth date of Wilhelmina Buesing death date was March 3,1880 in Henderson MN . Husband Herman Mesker
Ruth Lang ( September 13, 1999
I am trying to find information on an ancestor, John Lorence Garske, who lived in Arlington in the late 1870's or early 1880's. According to his written diary he worked in a store for Theodor Streissgutt. He was the head clerk bookkeeper for the store, as well as Assistant Postmaster and a pay clerk for the grain elevator and cattle yard. The Post office was located in the store. Any information you can provide would be much appreciated! 
Allan C. Mueller ( September 11, 1999
Am looking for any info about MUELLER in the Arlington area of Sibley county. My father, Allan E. Mueller was a great historian of the Arlington area and we (the family) will be sharing this info in the near future. Thank you--- 
Larry Worley ( August 31, 1999
Dunn, Rector
Looking for info on George Dunn, William Dunn, Dorcus Dunn should be in sibley county some time around 1865-1890 also interested in Rector family thanks. 
P Duffy ( 28, August 99
Looking for siblings especially. They all arrived 1853-1858 and lived in this small area. We have almost nothing on the Nally. Does anyone recognize this name? Thank you very much in advance. 
Robert Beliveau ( 25,Aug.,1999
I am looking for any information on the Daniel Beliveau family. Dan was born about 1904, the son of Cyril and Josephine Beliveau. They lived in Henderson until moving to Bemidji, MN prior to 1925. Thank-you! 
L.Ray ( August 23, 1999
Seeking Obit, information on maternal grt grandfather Swen Erickson. b. abt 1856 Sweden. married abt 1887 Sweden. died btwn 1948 & 1952. ( I have a pict of him soon after my brothers birth, he was dead before I was born.) Last known residence; Winthrop, Sibley Co. MN.
He married Elsa Munson Smith. (may have been a second marriage). He had children. Silma Erickson b. may 23, 1888.(m. Joe Franzen); Anton b. Oct. 20 1889 (m. Edith Olson) ; Ernest b. sept 16 1891 (m. Florence Johnson); Nels (Nils) b. dec 21 1892 (m. Vera Scranton); Albert b July 26 1894 ( m. Effie Berg); Gustav (Gustaf) b. sept 15, 1895 (m. Minnie Gonderson) ; Herman b. feb 15, 1897 (m. Evelyn Hed) ; Menfred (manfred, Minfred) b. aug 18, 1898 (m. Gerda Christophersohn); Hilma A. b. Jan 20, 1900 (m. Harry Hed) ; Amy b. may 30 1901 (m. Nels Hotvedt); Alfred b. sept 12, 1903 (m. Ruth Watson); Edward b. 1905; and John b. sept 1, 1906. last two never married. 
Karen Dotson ( August 18, 1999
Looking for any information on a Emmanuel FARNLOF and his family, wife's name was Hilda FARNLOF (GUNDERSEN/SON was her maiden name) and a daughter Stella and a son Clarence FARNLOF in Sibley County around 1900-1920. 
Gwendolyn McCormick McCarthy ( July 27, 1999
Looking for relatives of or information about the John McCarthy family of Green Isle, MN. John married Ellen Regan, unknown location or date, and they were the parents of the following children: Cora, Ella, Gertrude, Thomas and James W. McCarthy (b. 4-17-1904, probably Sibley Co. MN, d. Nov. 1960, Mankato, Blue Earth Co., MN). James W. McCarthy was the youngest of their children. Ellen Regan died in October 1932, and John died sometime during 1933. They are buried at St. Brendan's Catholic Church in Green Isle. Cora married Michael McCue, Ella married Rob Fitzpatrick and Gertrude (Gertie) married Herman Griep. James W. McCarthy married Frances Marcella Cashman 12-28-1932, and they lived on the family farm until about 1937, when they moved to Mankato. Would love to correspond with anyone having any information concerning the above family. Gwendolyn McCormick McCarthy 
AClaesgens@aol.comJuly 23, 1999
I know a little about the Dapper family and will exchange info. 
Mary Short ( June 30, 1999
Book A Quit Claim Deeds, pg 148, Register of Deeds, Sibley Co lists Anne Boland donating 1/4 of an acre of land to build a school. It was known as the Boland School and disbanded after the consolidation school program. Anyone have further info on Anne or the school?

James b: 1805 d: 1/27/1893. A teacher around Green Isle. Maria J b:1815 d:3/19/1895. A teacher around Green Isle. Thomas b:1800-1820 d:1923. Came to Sibley Co @ 1855. Bought land there in 1855. Was a teacher in Sibley Co before leaving for Montana. Any info appreciated.

1860 census lists these relatives: Michael & Catherine Children: Margaret, Michael, William, Mary, Sarah, Pat, Catherine, Thomas. Any info greatly appreciated. June 28, 1999
I am searching for the family name of Dapper. The lived in Arlington, Minnesota in the late 1800's. My grandfather was Peter Dapper. I do not know his wifes name. I do know he had a daughter named Mary Agnes Dapper. I am searching for more info. I will write to Minn State Vital Records Office for copies of Birth and Death certificates of the two names I have. I would appreciate any information of this name. 
Cjeanhoff@aol.comJune 27, 1999
Looking for info on Emma STREU b abot 1880 somewhere in Sibley county. Married Edward TESSMER 1901. I’m looking for her city and date of birth and parents if known. Attempting to see if connection to STREU's in my family. Willing to share info. Many thanks 
John M. Ross ( June 27, 1999
Seeking info. on ancestors of my great grandparents Conrad Reese (birthdate unknown) and Emilie (Spannaus) Reese b. 27 Feb. 1849 residing in Arlington Township, Sibley County, MN in 1875 according to Minnesota State Census. One of their sons (my grandfather) Herman August Reese b. 13 Nov. 1875 married Augusta Lieske b. 22 Sept. 1877 at the home of the bride's parents Fred Lieske/ Gusta Gabbert by Rev. Robert of St. Johns Lutheran, Arlington Township in 1903. 
Lissa Marotz (Ymarotz @ AOL. com) June 19, 1999
Looking for any information on Charles Marotz or August Marotz (born in Henderson).
Charlotte Doudell (cdoudell@CERF.NET) April 24, 1999
I am looking for information on William Dowdell (name also spelled Dowdel, Dowdle and Dandle), 1829 - 1900. He was in Company H of Second Minnesota Infantry unit during the Civil War - under the name William Dandle. His town of residence was Faxon, Sibley Co., Minnesota. His wife was Margaret Powers. Their oldest daughter, Anna (or Annie) Dowdell was born in Belle Plaine, Scott Co., in October 1858. The family was living in St. Paul at the time of the 1870 census. I would be most appreciative any additional information. 
Knut O. Ronold ( April 25, 1999
Looking for information on Amy Hotvedt, nee Erickson, born 1901, died 1984. She was from Winthrop, Sibley Co. She was married to Nels Hotvedt who died in 1936. I am interested in getting in touch with Amy Erickson's possible descendents or someone who can tell me where they are. 
Harry Kreger ( April 15, 1999
I'm looking for any information on the family of Bernhardt and Sophia (nee: Rolfer) Krueger. The family name was later changed to Kreger. Civil war records list Bernhardt's family name as Kruger. They came to Washington Lake Township from Ohio about 1856. They were married about 1854 in Ohio, dates and locations vary from Lick Run, OH to Wheelersburg, OH to Portsmoutn, OH. At this particular time I would be very interested in the Ohio aspect, but I would gladly welcome any information about them. Thanks, Harry Kreger 
Christine Hall ( 14 April 1999
Looking for any information on Wilhem SCHAUER and his wife (maiden name was BULLARD). One child, Louise SCHAUER, was born in Green Isle Township on 26 Feb 1860. Louise married Theodore ERDMANN (Abt. 1874-78). Other children were born to the SCHAUER family, but don't have information on them. 
Arloha Scriver ( April 10, 1999
I am looking for the DIDRA family that lived in Sibley Co., in 1870. I find them in the 1870 MN Federal Census Index. Are there any descendants still living in Sibley Co. or the surrounding region? My great-grandfather, Henry Didra, had a brother, Christian who was born in IA about 1859. Christian is listed on the 1870 census in Henderson Borough, Sibley Co. Their father was Mathias Didra, who came from Germany in 1848. The family also lived in Niles Co., MI. Henry came to Washington state in 1886. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, 
Cory Franke Tarrants ( April 10, 1999
I'm looking for any descendants from the marriage of Karl Franketo Paulina Kuehner. They were married in 1899 at the Gaylord Immanuel Luthern Church in Sibley Co., MN. Thanks 
Therese Ortloff ( Mar 23, 1999
Family history states that Frederick Ortloff arrived in Arlington MN area around 1872 along with his seven children. One of these children was Robert born in Prussia in 1870. Robert married an Amelia Winters in 1895? and subsequently moved to North Dakota. Any information would be appreciated. I will share what I have. 
Sharon Freeman ( 23 March, 99
I'm looking for information on Cornelius Dacey (Dasy) who was married to Catherine Kahler. He was born April 10, 1831 location unkown, and died Oct. 28, 1911. I believe he is buried in Green Isle Mn, in St. Brendan's Catholic Church Cemetery. I would appreciate any information anyone has regarding him and his family. Thank you 
Kathy Potoski ( March 15, 1999
I'm looking for information on my great great grandparents, Katherine McGuire, who married Joseph R. Brown, Jr., and especially her father, Patrick McGuire. He was born in Ireland, Immigrated around 1854 and died in Green Isle in 1882. He lived in Green Isle about 25 years and is buried in St. Brenadens church cemetary. Thank you. 
Joseph Richard Theissen ( 16 Feb, 99
Looking for info on WILLIAM THEISSEN, my great-grandfather. His wife, whose first name I forget, was born LITTEL. As I understand it, WILLIAM was the town physician in Henderson in the first part of this century. William had three children, VICTOR WILLIAM THEISSEN, LIONEL "DOC" THEISSEN, and ROSE THEISSEN. I am the grand-son of VICTOR (1905-1952), although I never met him. I have visited Henderson, and If I'm not mistaken, my Great-Grandfather's beautiful home is now the town's historical museum. Because my grandfather, VICTOR, died at such a young age, I was never able to establish much of a connection with his family or its history. I would love any additional information on the THEISSEN and LITTEL families of Henderson, MN. Thank you! Sincerely, Joseph Richard Theissen, Portland, Oregon 
Cecil Peloquin ( 7 Feb, 99
Looking for information on HANSON family, originally from Sweden in 1870's to Meeker County area. My grandfather, Peter C Hanson left Litchfield and farmed in Itasca county until his death in 1950's. He was married to Anna M Damerow of Atwater. Family lore indicated one brother might have been pharmacist in Winthrop. Thanks. 
Cindy ( Feb 1, 1999
Surname: Soderlund
I am looking for information on Aaron Soderlund. He was born in Skaraborg, Sweden; baptized & confirmed in the Lutheran Faith at Lundby in Sweden. He lived in and around Alfsborg Township in Sibley County after immigrating in August, 1885. He married Malena Nereson. Their children: Mary (died 1918), Alvina (Mrs. Jim Christensen), Arthur and Elmer. They also had two stepchildren: Anna (Mrs. Oscar Christensen) and Hannah (Mrs. Albert Olson). Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Cindy ( Feb 1, 1999
The family immigrated from Denmark in 1889 and located in and around Newell, Iowa. Parents were Anton Christensen and Sena Andersen. Children were Jim E. Christensen (Alvina Soderlund), Winthrop, MN., Mary (Mrs. William E. Jensen), Bismark, ND, Annie (Mrs. DeGrass), Clara (Mrs. Henry Graves), August Christensen, Lake Benton,MN; Herman Christensen, Barnum, MN,; Oscar Christensen (Anna Nereson), New Ulm, MN.; and Nels (Chris) Christensen, Winthrop, MN. The Jim Christensen family attended the Norwegian Grove Lutheran Church, south of Gaylord and lived in the Winthrop area all of their married life. Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. 

Louann Larson, ( 1-29-99
I am looking for information on the last name Bonine, particularly a Vincent or a Frank Thanks!! 
Doug Cutler ( 26 jan 99
My gr-gr grandfather, James McEwen, was a member of the Rush River Grange in the 1870's, I have his membership card but the last digit of the year is unreadable. In 1882 his mother, Jane, had a letter notorized by the Sibley Co. J.P., stating James' birth was in 1850 in Chatham, Ontario, and the family came to the us in 1856, and James left for oregon in 1877. I know nothing further about James, and the MN state Grange hasn't responded to inquiries. I also don't know maiden name for his mother. Does anybody have information on the family? Thank you Doug 
Carole King ( Jan.19,1999
I am in search of the descendents of George FADDEN b.1935 in Canada and Ann RICHARDSON b.1839 in Canada. Children were Sybil b.1857, Charles Wilbur b.1859, Horatio G. b.1861, Seward G. b.1869, Carrie Addie b.1873 . Other surnames were WELLS, RICHARDSON, VAUGHAN, VOLDEN and SULLIVAN. 
Vernon Heyer
( Jan. 13, 1999
Believe my ggm to have lived in Sibley Co. b. Philadelphia, Pa. 1845. Have picture of her parents taken at Plackner Studio in Arlington c. 1890. She married Louis HEYER Feb. 14, 1863 at Waconia, Carver Co., MN, and had 11 children, all born Young America, Carver Co., MN. Can anyone tell me if Plackner Studio is still in business? Thank you very much. Vern Heyer 
Kelly and Maria Lamberton ( January 05, 1999
Looking for detailed information of parents and siblings of ANNA WEISGERBER from the County of Sibley. Anna Weisgerber was b 1873 and died 1961 and married Kelly H. Lamberton Oct. 9, 1893 in St. Peter, Nicollet County, MN. Her father was PETER WEISGERBER....b. about 1846 and her mother was MARGE L. ???.... Assuming the parents came from Germany. According to some family stories the WEISGERBER'S owned a newspaper and 2 jewelry store. Please contact me if you have any information regarding the WEISGERBER family. Many thanks in advance. 
Kathleen Whelpley ( December 11, 1998
I am looking for information on the family of Tore Iverson Bakke and wife Olave Pedersdtr. Royrhus Bakke. The 1885 Gibbon , Sibley Co. census lists the following children: Peder b. 1862, Synnove b. 1864, Jens T. b. 1865, Martinus T. b. 1867, Thomas b. 1870, Olina b. 1872, Ole Peter b. 1879 and Oskar R. b. 1882. Older son Ivar T. Bakke b. 1859 is listed as married to Ingeborg b. 1865 , with one son Theodore b. 1884. Son Peder is known to have married Malene A. Nygard
Kathy Lindner ( 12/8/98
I am looking for info on the John and Mary Curtin family who came from Co. Cork in 1861. My grandmother, Honora Curtin was born in May of 1880 in Arlington. There were 7 other siblings, Margaret (DOB?), Timothy (1868), Kate (1874) Bridget (1875) Thomas (1881) Elizabeth (1884) and Mary Rose (1885). They moved to Renville Co. to a farm in Fairfax in about 1899. We have always wondered what town in Ireland John and Mary had lived in, etc. 
Jon M. Newton ( 15 November 1998
I am searching for more information on my 3rd great grandparents, Horatio George (Jorge) Fadden and his wife Josephine Vaughan. Horatio's father, George Fadden migrated from "out east" and settled in Minnesota. [The family traces back to Andrew McFadden and Jane Lindsey in 1718 who immigrated on board the "MaCallum" from Ireland to Boston then immediately north to Maine. The Puritans didn't want the Presbyterians in Boston. Four other ships went south.] Horatio and Josephine had at least four sons (Ansel, Earle, Roscoe, Joe) and possibly two daughters (Elevene, Melba). I am a direct descendant of Earle who married Esther Carleton. I am also very interested on any information on Josephine's family history. All I know is she was born about 1869 in Sibley County. Henderson, New Auburn township prior to 1867. Have Civil War Pension file for George Fadden.  Any assistance is appreciated. 
Sharon Lincicome ( November 06, 1998
Looking for information on the family of Carl Friedrich Herman Schuette. Lived in the Winthrop area of Sibley Co. Came to the US from Germany. Had three brothers who also came over, August, Wilhelm and Julius. August settling in Nebraska. 
Linda Nelson ( October 28, 1998
Looking for information on Eric Engelbert who resided in the Winthrop area in 1884. He had a daughter Anna Rosalie born in Winthrop in that year. 
K. Whelpley ( October 01, 1998
Looking for information on the Ola(Ole) Andreas Rasmussen family of Hornindal, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. Ola was born 1827 and in 1854 married Pernille Andersdotter Stoverstein. They emigrated to Minnesota approx. 1870-75 with the following children; Pernille b. 1856, Ola b. 1858, Anne b. 1861 and Mari b. 1864. Believed to have settled in Sibley County. I am interested in locating descendants of the above family for a bygdebok on the Descendants of Hornindal Emigrants Project. Sincerely, K. Whelpley 
Shirley J. Rader ( September 26, 1998
I am looking for information on the WINTER (William, Carl, August, Martin) families, who lived in the Sibley County area abt 1880 and after. Any info would be helpful, and, as I have records on these families to some degree, I would be willing to share. Thanks! 
Judy Hanson ( 15 Sept, 1998
Looking for ancestors and siblings of Patrick MCDERMOTT b 1819 Ireland. Married M. MCCORMACK b c.1819 d 1846, they had 1 child: James b 1845. Patrick and his second wife Honora DONLON had 7 children in Fishkill Landing NY: Catherine b 1850 d 19?? m John GRADY. Julia b 1852 d 1888 m James GRIFFIN. Owen b 1854 d 1885 Thomas b 1856 d 19?? m Margaret ??. Mary Ann b 1857 d 1912 m ?. FLANNIGAN. Eliza b 1858 d 1897 m Henry DIBBS. Charles b 1859 d 1935 m Margaret COLLINS - 3 children were born in Faxon Township, Sibley County MN. Honora b 1861 d 1863 John b 1863 d 1863 Margarete b 1865 d 1953 never married. All of the children were married while living in Sibley County. Patrick died in 1872. 
Diane Lynn Waara ( 26 August 98
Any information on Albert Riebe, born 1861,Sibley county. Married Otillia Sickmann of Arlington 
John M Thorson( August 15, 1998
Anna, daughter of Pehr and Olee Thorson of the Winthrop area moved to Gibbon in, Sibley county, MN in 1900. She was born in Sweden 17 Jun 1876, and came to Scandian Grove with her parents in 1880. She had a sister Sofia,born 27 Sep 1881 at Scand. Gr. Sofia moved to LaFayette in 1902. I would appreciate any info on their descendents and possible living relatives. 
Sharon Lincicome ( May 20, 1998
Borth, Bruchs or (Brooks)
Would be interested in any information on the Borth and Bruch's family. I know the original family came from Germany but when I do not know. Edward W. Borth married Emily Bruch's and they are the parents of my grandfather. At some point the family moved to Becker County. Thanks, Sharon.... 
J. Heaney ( May 15, 1998
Moore, Minehan
I am researching info concerning my mother's family. My grandfather, John Patrick Moore came from Philadelphia with his widowed father, Simon in the 1870s and farmed in Sibley County. John Patrick's brother Simon (born in Ireland) also farmed and had been a member of Co. F, 1st Reg of Mounted Rangers in 1862 &1863. Simon Moore married Johanna Minehan while John Patrick Moore married Alice Minehan. Any information about the Moore's, Minehan's, or history of how the Irish happened to come to Sibley County would be appreciated. jjh 
Shirley Dorgan Heitmar ( April 16, 1998
LESTER, John H. married Hanna DORGAN October 31, 1869. Looking for any information on these people. Hanna was born in Ireland to John and Mary DORGAN about 1850's. Came to Jessenland 1858 with brothers Denis, James and sister Betsey (or Lizzie). Thanks, Shirley Dorgan Heitmar 
John Merhoff ( March 20, 1998
I am looking for information on my great grandfather Herman Merhoff. He lived in Arlington, Minnesota in the late 1800's. He married Mary Dreveskracht on 21 Feb 1889. They came to Oklahoma/Indian Territory in 1903. I am also searching for any information on the Dreveskracht family. I believe both families may have been farmers, as that is what Herman was after he came here. I would greatly appreciate any information you could give me. Thank you. 
Eileen Beadles ( March 01, 1998
Looking for info on Wilhelm Bratsch, said to be buried in Lutheran Cemetary s.e. of Gaylord, tombstone in German; August Bretsch, his son; and George Robert Bretch grandson said to be born Henderson, MN. 
John M. Ross ( 3/1/98
Seeking info. on ancestors of my great grandparents Conrad Reese (birthdate unknown) and Emilie (Spannaus) Reese b. 27 Feb. 1849 residing in Arlington Township, Sibley County, MN in 1875 according to Minnesota State Census. One of their sons (my grandfather) Herman August Reese b. 13 Nov. 1875 married Augusta Lieske b. 22 Sept. 1877 at the home of the bride's parents Fred Lieske/ Gusta Gabbert by Rev. Robert of St. Johns Lutheran, Arlington Township in 1903. 
Mike Bengtson ( February 24, 1998
I am researching the surname "BENGTSON", Andrew b.24 Aug 1824 in Sweden d. 07 Mar 1897 in Sibley Co. and is buried in St. Paul’s Lutheran Cemetery in Gaylord. His fathers name was Bengt, and he was married to Anna Marie Johnson b. 22 Mar 1831 d. 09 Aug 1885. I am looking for any other information, especially brother and sisters if possible. From the information I have, one of his sons Louis was a well known farmer in Yellow Medicine Co. Thanks for your help. 
Nancy C. Adkins ( February 03, 1998
I am searching for descendants of Martin Mathew O'SHAUGHNESSY who was born in Ireland and living in Sibley Co. 1856. His wife's name was Mary. I would appreciate any help. I thank you very much. 
John Kern( January 22,1998
Annie Marie Brelje was born April 10, 1891 the daughter of Fritz and Mathilda (Wagner) Brelje. Baptised and confirmed at the Zion Lutheran Church near New Auburn. Adolph John Schauer was born in Green Isle Minnesota on August 29, 1892 the son of August Schauer and his wife Justena nee' Kruger. He was baptised and confirmed at the Zion Lutheran Church in Green Isle. I would appreciate any information concerning these surnames or the churches in New Auburn and Green Isle. 
Tony Viste ( Sunday, January 04, 1998
I'm researching my wife's ancestors. I'm looking for anyone with connections to Patrick and Hanora SHAUGHNESSY and Hugh and Elizabeth MCMANUS (possibly McMinnus) both families from Jessenland Twp. I found both in the 1860 census. Any info would help before I make it to Sibley County sometime spring of 98 to do research. Thank You. 
Mary Ann Hanson ( Wednesday, December 03, 1997
Seeking information on Adam FENSKE and his wife Henriette HABERMAN, pioneers of Sibley County, whose son August E. FENSKE (DDS) b. 31 Aug 1873. Is this Fenske family related to John/Johann FENSKE b. 27 Sep 1801 Prussia d. 1875 Brown County, probably Milford Twp.? John's known children were August W., John, Charles, and Pauline. There is also a Gottlieb b. c. 1854 in the Eden Twp./New Ulm area. The 1870 census index shows Adam, Albertine, Caroline, Dorothea, Edmund, Friedrick, Henriette (2), Henry, John, Julius, Lena, Michael, Mina, Wilhelm, and William Fenske in Sibley County. Thank you! 
Brent Schulze ( Sunday, November 16, 1997 9:34 AM
I am searching for information about my family history. The information I have now is that my family arrived in Sibley County around 1854 and bought land about 4 miles North of Henderson Their names are Charles Karl Schulze and Mary Maria Schulze. If you have any information about my family while they lived in that area it would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time. 
Ron Rolfer ( 11/6/97
Looking for any information about Catherine ROLFER and Robert ROLFER (mother and son?) listed in the 1860 census as residing in Jessenland Township. Robert is listed as a Farmer. Their place of birth was Prussia. All help greatly appreciated. 
Bill Grimes ( November 01, 1997
Intersted in anyone with surname DOHENY in their family tree from early 1850s to present. Have many Doheny records, mostly from Jessenland, Faxon Township with many references to St Thomas Catholic Church and Cemetery. Many other Sibley surnames that married into or out of theDoheny clan. Some major surnames include Lawrence, Manley, Trimbo, Germscheid, Lemke, Donovan, Mayosick. Be glad to trade data with other Sibley researchers. 
E. L. Fries ( Oct 28.1997
Louis Basel was murdered July 4, 1896, Henderson, Sibley Co. He was 25 yrs old and my great uncle. Also accidently shot and killed, Caroline Basel, age 6, on Aug 18, 1891, my great aunt. Any advice or input appreciated. My great Grandmother, Fredericka Caroline Dell (Basel) died 11 May, 1891, Sibley. There were 12 Basel siblings, most born, Sibley. They are listed 1880 census. 
Shirley Dorgan Heitmar ( Friday, October 31, 1997
I am looking for information on James DORGAN, born 1850 in Ireland. Came to Minnesota, Sibley County at some point after that and married Ellen HEALEY from Indiana. They lived in Jessenland Township Sibley County and had 10 children. William DORGAN, Dennis DORGAN, Maurice DORGAN, Charles and Margaret DORGAN (twins), Elizabeth (Lizzie) DORGAN, Hannah DORGAN, Mamie DORGAN, Julia DORGAN, and my grandfather John DORGAN. He was born in Jessenland Township, Sibley County, Baptized at St. Thomas Church. He moved to Canada in 1906 with some of his brothers and sisters, but Maurice DORGAN and some of the sisters stayed in the US. I believe Maurice DORGAN went to Oregon. The sisters were married and one was married to a MADDEN possibly in Le Suer. My grandfather John DORGAN married a girl from Fosston MN, Petrina BJORE, who also moved to Canada about 1906 with her family Ander BJORE (aka Lars Larson). Her mother Goro SKOIEN born in Norway, died of diptheria before they moved to Canada. Any information on these people would be most appreciated. Thank you, Shirley Dorgan Heitmar 
Curtis Behm( Sun Oct 5 11:19:49 1997
Friedrich Behm Died 9/31/1882 Henderson, MN; wife- Henrietta; children- Albert, August, Otto, Edwin, Ida, Charles. 
Barbara Ryan( Tue Aug 19 21:40:39 1997
Madden, Emily nee Paine married James Donovan approx 1874 in Jessenland Twp, Sibley Co MN. I am looking for her parents . I have a letter from her mother from Jackson ?. 
Rosemary ( Mon Jun 23 12:58:06 1997
My greatgrandfather's name was Frank Schulte. He married Mary Pothen. I would like any information on either family. They were in Henderson and Frank died there in 1891 I believe. Thank you. 
Margaret M. Bare ( Sunday, June 01, 1997
Searching for info on James Murphy, immigrated from Ireland c.1850. Also Dunn and McVary
Rosemary ( Tue May 20 12:32:07 1997
Looking for information on grandfather, Maximilian KELLER, born 18 Nov.1867 in Immekeppel bez Koln, Gr. He married Magdalena Schulte in Henderson (Sibley Co) on 25 May 1898 and he died 2 Nov. 1936 in St. Paul (Ramsey Co). I am interested especially finding out when he arrived in MN and what his parents names were and where they were from. Any help on these names is deeply appreciated. Thank you. 
Richard Allen ( 2 May 97
Samuel Johnstone was married Mary Wharin on 31 Oct, 1860 at the house of George W. Reed and Eliza (Johnstone) Reed in the Town of Henderson by M. r. Merrell, Justice of the Peace. Children born in Henderson or on a farm nearby were : Frances(1865), Maude(1869), John Henry(1871), Clifford Hall (1873), and possibly Judson (1876). The family moved th Glencoe in about 1879 and later to Duluth. I haven't found these Johnstone's or Reeds on Mn census indexes. Any ideas? 
Donna Grambau ( Thursday May 1, 1997
Searching for information and descendants of the following people who lived in Sibley County from 1866 through the early 1900's:
Anna Lisa Anderson born: October 27, 1845
Johann Albert Anderson born: February 28, 1851 known as John or as Albert or Bert
Annetta or Agnes Anderson born March 19, 1853 married to Carl Gustaf Bergren in 1871, 13 known children
Carl Johann Anderson born July 12, 1858 
Diane Irey( Thu Apr 3 21:45:40 1997
I am looking for information on the Fiss family of Gaylord, circa late 1800's. They included my Great-Grandfather Frederick and one of his daughters, my Grandmother Alvina.She was born July 11 1882. That is the only date I have. Any information would be very helpful. 
Darlene Bahr( Friday, March 28, 1997 4:28 PM
I've been trying for years to get to the root of the Podratz families and am looking forward to any information that I can get. The Podratz families lived in the Gaylord area primarily in Transit and Dryden Townships but also new Auburn Township. The Podratz family attended the Lutheran church in Mountville. My greatgrandfather was Julius (1849 - 1921?). John, Fred, Herman and Leo are all sons of Julius. The name isn't very common so I think most of them are related to me. I know they settled in Sibley County but do not know if they lived in any other county. 
Patricia Galvin Whalen ( Mon Mar 17 17:22:49 1997
This is a Sibley County Query about my great grandparents: Dennis Galvin (b. 1821 in County Kerry Ireland) and Joanna Casey (b.1828 in County Cork, Ireland). They came to the US, were married in 1857 in St. Louis, MO, and settled in Sibley County, Minnesota. Dennis was drafted in 1865 to serve in the Civil War, but the war was over before he saw action. They had ten children, three of whom died as infants. I know the names of their children and their children's spouses, but I do not know anything else about them.There names are as follows: John Galvin and Margaret Coughlin Julia Galvin and John Griffin Thomas Galvin and Elizabeth McCarthy Timothy Galvin and Mary Padden Patrick Galvin and Nell Gratton Catherine Galvin and John Mulhern Michael Galvin and Hannah Berg Dennis and Joanna are both buried in the cemetery at Assumption (the parish they belonged to while living in Sibley County. Any information on any of these family members would be appreciated. 
Suzanne McPherson ( Mar 3, 1997
I am always looking for info on Jacob and Catherine (Gangelhoff) Geertgens. They farmed in New Auburn Township in 1875-1885 and then moved to Traverse Co. I have not been able to locate the Lutheran church that they may have attended in New Auburn. 
Mark Marmorine ( Feb 24 1997
Olaf Marmorine settled in Henderson, MN 1856, married Maria Christine Johnson from East Union, Carver County in 1858. Olaf was born in St. Peters Closter, Lund, Sweden on July 3, 1824 and died 10/27/1890. Maria was born in Lekasa Parish, Sweden on July 7, 1836 and died 3/18/1887 of Huntingtons disease. Olaf farmed and had a watch repair business outside of Henderson, MN in Jessenland Township. Early on Olaf and a friend named Grover had a shoe shop and I have not been able to identify Grover. Their children were Anna, Johan, Elizabeth, Mathilda, Charles, Adolphus, August, and Mary who died at birth on June 11, 1881. Elizabeth married Orlando Johnson. Mathilda married George Ethier and taught school in Henderson, MN. I know little about Elizabeth or Mathilda other than they both were victims of Huntingtons disease (as was Adolphus) and died young. Any information on any of these people is welcomed. 
Ivon Du Pont( Sun Feb 23 11:02:00 1997
My great grandfather Joseph V. Du Pont (1878-1953), we believe, was born in Henderson, MN on September 23, 1878 and lived until 1953. We think he lived in Henderson about ten years. We know nothing of his parents. I believe his religious affiliation was probably Lutheran. 
Lee Gentemann ( 22 Feb, 97
Would like to share information regarding:
MANUEL, Marie Phelonise marr. to ETHIER / AIKEY, Felix abt 1858
MANUEL, Moyse (Mose) marr. to BELIVEAU, Josephine abt 1877
MANUEL, Ferdinand (Frederick) (Fred) to FERRIS, Meta 5 Mar, 1878
MANUEL, Peter (Orig. Pierre HEBERT dit MANUEL) died after 1880, last known living in Jessenland.
Please contact me at <>. 
Sara Lauderdale ( Jan 31, 1997
My grandfather was Robert Hary Brown. Born Sept 4, 1917 in Gibbon, Sibley, MN to William Duane Brown from SD and Minnie Pearl (Chapman) from NEB. Looking for any kind of information on them. 
Jane Dresser ( 28 Dec., 1996
searching for DRESSER information:
Dresser, John, b. 1820
Dresser, Jane Ryan, b. 1821
JOHN, b. 1820, d. 1896, married to Jane Ryan Dresser, 1821-1866
where is Jane buried?, who are the parents for either of these people?
potentially: Lemuel B. and Elizabeth Dresser for John, Ryan's?? - possibly Charles or Michael for father?

Both are supposedly buried in New Auburn, possibly the High Island Cemetery, but I have no death date or place for Jane. She died about 1866. I am hoping to trace parents information if I can find her burial place. John died in 1896. Thank you for your help. 

Pat Downs ( 9/22/96
The Minkiewitz family in Sibley Co., Henderson and Arlington. Need their obits and/or anything.
Also looking for death record of Appleton Hazeltine Corbett, possibly MN. 

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